Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Leon jelekkkkk.. kurang kerjaan!! (english ver)

Ini karyanya adek gw, notes ditag ke gw di facebook..
i was thinking of sharing it to you all.. haha :

this conversation takes place on sunday night, 1st of march 2009...

at that time i was studying for the following day's try out...
so i was left alone by my family at home to study...
when they finally came back at 9pm,
my bro — Leon — rushed sooo excitedly to me...:

me : hey, when did you arrive??
leon : oh, just now..
(then suddenly with a glitter in his eye~)
leon : hey you know what i bought???
me : what? what??
(when i expected something great.... he answered...)

i was so bored and expected that he might have bought something greatttttt..
in my heart i was like "WHAT THE HELL"

then i kicked his ****

nah, kidding, i only crashed his toe legs...



  • cecilia said...

    so hilarious, ur sis does know how 2write.
    well done, jes, next time crush sumtin a bit higher.